SMD Auto Taping Machine

SMD Auto Taping Machine

Product Description

Product Name:
SMD Auto Taping Machine

Detail Specifications

Auto taping and vibration feed
LCD monitoring (human-machine interface for the setting of modes and values)
Adjustable speeds (UPH): 6-12K/hr
Width of packing tapes: 8mm-16mm (black or transparent tape)
Sealing modes:reciprocative sealing(sealing height/lcngth/travel adjustable),or hot sealing
Counting methods:front blank-tape counting,load counting(distance betwccn tape holes:4mm)
Optional: viewing system
Pneumatic source: 70 psi
Power: 220V; 50/60Hz; single phase 1o
Net weight: approximately 300kg
Gross weight: approximately 400kg
Packing measurements: W 900 x L 1850 x H 1800 (mm)
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