SMD Auto Taping Machine

SMD Auto Taping Machine

Product Description

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SMD Auto Taping Machine
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Detail Specifications

1.Automatic change of packed tubes (tube width 8~16mm; length 500~550mm)

2.Track can be changed for tube packs exceeding 8~16mm width

3.Width of packaging tapes: 8~32mm

4.Front-tape-end unloaded, load, rear-tape-end unloaded and uncovered volume can be set

5.UPH: 4.5~5.5K/hr

6.Control settings via LCD

7.Track jig for handling parts exceeding the aforementioned dimensions may be purchased (including suction pen)

8.Power: 220V, single phase; plus air compressor

9.Machine dimensions: L 1400 x W 1400 x H 1700 (mm)

10.Net weight: about 280kgs; gross weight: about 350kgs