Carrier Tape Peel Force Tester

Carrier Tape Peel Force Tester

Product Description

Product Name:
Carrier Tape Peel Force Tester

Detail Specifications

JE CPT-500 provides a on-line report for measuring the peel force of the seal between the cover tape and the carrier tape.
The testing machine linked with the computer indicates many important figures such as: a highly analytical curve of the peel force at per 0.04 gram, the mean maximum/ minimum value of the peel force sampling from the first / last three points, the highest and lowest value of the peel force, the average value of all testing points, and the deviation value of the mean value.

The calibration between actual and measuring value obtained from the ten times shooting process and the calibaration of zero point guarantee the reliability of every segment of the displaying curve.
The software for windows storied not only every testing result but its related data.
Besides, it establishes a historical data base, and the testing reports printed out by any type of printers.

*Capacity of the measurable force:2kg
*Measurable length of tape :Max 250mm
*Measurable width of tape : 8~120mm
*Peeling speed:adjustable
*Peeling direction:adjustale
*Display panel:peel speed/peel position
*Peeling angle:165~180 degree
*Power source: AC 110V/220V